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Safety / Damage Prevention

Does ECS Require Work Area Protection?
Yes! To ensure maximum safety and protection, warning devices must be used. The use of protective and warning devices is mandated by the New York City Department of Traffic. Warning and protective devices may include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • Flagger
  • Flashing Lights
  • Hard Hats
  • Work Area Lights
  • Motor vehicle
  • Police Protection / Flaggers
  • Safety Vests
  • Traffic Cones / Barricades / Stanchions
  • Warning Signs
  • Warning Tape

For more information, see Manhole Standards: General Safety Precautions / Work Rules.

How does ECS handle damages with in their system?
In no case shall the Subway Company be responsible for damage or injury to persons or property due to the placing or operation of cables, conductors or other apparatus. All work in subways, manholes or service boxes shall be performed entirely at the risk of the person or persons working therein, and employers shall be responsible for any damage.

A tenant must immediately report to ECS, any damage or condition which may reasonably result in damage to the conduit system or the facilities of any other tenant, irrespective of whether the damage or condition was caused by the tenant or any other natural or man made cause or event. Upon request, a tenant shall submit a written Damage Report Form to ECS. In the event of an emergency, a tenant must cooperate with ECS to perform any work necessary to safeguard the conduit system, tenant facilities or the safety of persons or property threatened by the emergency.

For more information, see Damage Report Form in the ECS Conduit Occupancy Agreement.

What is Municipal Interference?
Municipal interference refers to the legal obligation of telecommunications and CATV companies to support, protect, alter, shift or remove facilities that interfere with the city or its contractors performing public works projects, such as road resurfacing, sewer or water main repairs, etc. Typically, city contractors will support, protect and maintain telecommunications and CATV facilities while they work - provided they are compensated for the additional costs incurred due to the interference. As a service to our tenants, ECS will negotiate municipal interference agreements with city contractors for mainline conduits and manholes, the costs of which are shared by ECS and affected tenants on a pro-rata basis.

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