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Doing Business with ECS
Subsidiary Conduit

Subsidiary conduits are conduits which connect an ECS manhole to any location other than another ECS manhole, e.g., to a building, payphone or crossbox pedestal, etc. Tenants are responsible for the construction and maintenance of their own subsidiary conduits.

The tenant shall build subsidiary conduits to the nearest ECS manhole to the building or other point at which the tenant intends to provide service, or if the nearest manhole cannot accommodate the tenant's subsidiary conduit , then to the next nearest ECS manhole. Unless otherwise authorized or denied permission by the City of New York Department of Transportation, no subsidiary conduit shall exceed the length of the city block on which such subsidiary conduit it being built. Every time the tenant builds a subsidiary conduit, the tenant shall comply with the requirements and procedures set forth in the Point of Entry Procedures.

Tenants are responsible for complying with all laws, rules and regulations attendant with ownership and operation of subsidiary conduits. One such regulation is 16 NYCRR SEC. 753 (Code 753) which requires owners/operators of underground facilities to mark the location of their facilities in response to excavators' calls to the New York "One Call" Center at (800) 272-4480. It is the requirement of the tenant to mark out the subsidiaries they own. ECS shall mark all mainline conduits.

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