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Doing Business with ECS
Municipal Interference

Municipal interference refers to the legal obligation of telecommunications and CATV companies to support, protect, alter, shift or remove their facilities whenever they interfere with the City or its contractors performing public works projects, such as road resurfacing, sewer or water main repairs, etc. Typically, City contractors will support, protect and maintain telecommunications and CATV facilities in-place while they perform their work provided they are compensated for the additional costs incurred due to the interference. As a service to our tenants, ECS will negotiate municipal interference agreements with City contractors for mainline conduits and manholes, the costs of which are shared by ECS and affected tenants on a pro-rata basis.

Tenants, however, are responsible for negotiating with City contractors for interference costs associated with their own facilities, such as subsidiary conduits, controlled environmental manholes, hand holes, payphone pedestals, etc. If interference issues are not resolved and threaten to hold up the public works project, the City will issue an "order out" (order to relocate facilities) pursuant to New York City Administrative Code 19-143 and 24-521. Failure to comply with an order out notice may result in fines up to $5,000 per day.


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