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Doing Business with ECS

Tenants are required to report any actual or suspected incidents of damage to manholes, conduits or cables. Even slight contact with cables sheaths or splice cases can cause hairline cracks which can allow water to saturate the cables days or even weeks later. Often major cable failures can be avoided if the incident is reported immediately and the damage repaired before the manhole is closed or the trench is backfilled. Therefore, it is imperative that tenants report all incidents of unintended contact with conduits, cables and splice cases no matter how slight so that ECS can notify the owner of the facilities to dispatch a crew and verify that no damage has occurred.

Report All Damages To:
ECS Quality Group
310-14 Drake St
Bronx, NY 10474

Phone: (718) 402-8610
Fax: (718) 402-8609

ECS has adopted several practices and procedures designed to prevent damages to manholes, conduits and cables, and to protect workers and the general public while work is being performed in and around manholes. Tenants must ensure that its employees, agents and contractors are familiar with these practices and adhere to them. ECS reserves the right to require tenants to correct any field condition which does not meet ECS's policies, practices and procedures. In the alternative, ECS may perform any necessary remedial work and bill the tenant on a time and materials basis.

Some ECS practices, such as Manhole Point of Entry (POE) and Manhole Quality Audits, require field meetings and inspections. ECS shall bill tenants for such meetings and inspections on a time and materials basis as set forth in these practices.

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