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Doing Business with ECS
Access to the System

ECS's Rules and Regulations Governing Occupancy of the Telegraph and Telephone Subways sets forth in broad terms the rules for occupying ECS's conduit system. In addition, ECS has a number of written policies, practices and procedures to facilitate proper management of the system and to protect ECS's infrastructure and tenants' cables.

ECS does require, however, that tenants, their agents and contractors always obtain a manhole opening number from ECS each time they enter a manhole and ECS inspects certain work activities performed in manholes. Costs of inspection are billed to tenants on a monthly basis.

Tenants are responsible for all work associated with finding a route through ECS's system, rodding and roping ducts, and placing or removing cables. Tenants may perform this work for themselves or hire contractors to perform this work. Each tenant is responsible for overseeing all work performed on its behalf and ensuring that its employees and contractors comply with ECS's rules, regulations and practices. Failure to follow ECS's rules, regulations and practices may result in suspension of access to the system until remedial measures are taken to ensure future compliance.

A list of ECS's policies, practices and procedures regarding access to and use of the system is provided in Appendix A. Copies of ECS's policies, practices and procedures can be obtained from the ECSC.

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